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Now objects

can have your memories

IOTI allows you to attach videos, photos, records, events, contacts, and links to any real objects. Try now for free!

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Every day people spend a lot of time trying to learn things that are already well known by others. IOTI is inspired by the vision that collectively we can learn faster and make even greater achievements if we have the right tools to give us the information we need instantly no matter where we are.

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Tell Your Story

Objects around you can now tell a story. Your story. Tell others what that object is, what experience you had with it, how it works, etc.

Point your camera at the object and attach video, audio, links, events, contacts and more to the objects around you

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Share information you have attached to the objects with your students and their parents, friends and family, coworkers and customers or the entire world.

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Point your camera at the object of your interest and IOTI will find the information that is attached to that object. No more typing or searching - IOTI finds it all for you.

Fast visual search

Add to objects anything

You can share videos, photos, audio, events, contacts, links and more.

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Try now for free

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Headquartered in Atlanta, Collective Vision is a team of software engineers that is passionate about helping people to share their knowledge, experience and passion so that collectively we can make the world a better place to live.



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